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They create images in the air

A research team from the Advanced Optic department in Princeton University has developed a method for creating airborne images with limited resolution.

Arco Iris

FotoRainbow produced by refraction of sunlight in drops of water. Source: Niagara Videomakers.

Starting from the decomposition of sunlight into the visible spectrum when refracted in a drop in the meteorological phenomena of the rainbow, the Princeton team has found a way to control the angle of refraction and location of those drops And thus manage the color.

The system Nano Rainbow Refraction , manages to create a microclimate through a supply tower or a trigger dron, depending on the target area, in an area that is currently up to 100 square kilometers, achieving A humidity of up to 100%.

Condensation water particles are “equipped” with ultralight nanopixels controlled from the ground system. They thus control the refraction and therefore the color of each set of nanopixels or drop pixel , creating together the desired image.

The creators are refining the system to increase resolution and improve control and stability of nanopixels and think they could have it available by mid 2017.

Great interest from major companies

Commercial aircraft carrying advertising posters on beaches would already be past tech and numerous advertising companies such as AMV or Clemenger have already shown great interest in this innovation.


FotoAdvertising in the skies, carried away by small planes, will be a thing of the past.

Similarly, Google has already formed an alliance with Princeton’s optical department and plans to expand its advertising network by projecting images into the skies of the world. Along with the existing Adsense and Adwords, plan to create AdSky to have the perfect trio of physical and virtual advertising.

Also, filmmakers like Warner and Walt Disney are already planning to use it to announce their premieres.

In short, are some of the applications for this great innovation that we will continue to listen to things without any doubt in the coming months. Good afternoon.

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