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The truth behind Santa Claus

Everyone, even the smallest, knows Father Christmas, St. Nicholas or Santa Claus, but few know the truth behind his beard and the origin of his gifts.

The official story

According to written history, it is a character that was part of the ancient solar myth of the winter solstice to which Christianity syncretized with the figure of the Christian bishop of Greek origin called Nicholas of Bari, who lived in the century IV in Anatolia, in present-day Turkey. She was one of the people most revered by the Christians of the Middle Ages.

Hundreds of stories are told about him, especially narrating his miracles and his kindness to poor people .

His mythical fame as a gift dealer is based on another story, which tells that an impoverished man father of three daughters could not marry them for not having the necessary dowry. Lacking the dowry girls, they seemed doomed to be “ spinsters”. Aware of this, Nicholas handed him a bag full of gold coins to each of them.

It is said that all this was done in secret by the priest, who entered through a window and put the gold bag inside the socks of the girls, who hung on the chimney to dry them.

The truth of Nicholas

But the truth goes much further and although so many centuries have passed, those bells still clink in our days. Son of merchants and merchant he later, Nicolás de Bari used the image of priest to sell goodness and happiness , something that estimated key to his sales. Also it used the Church astutely as a franchise and cover of the real business.

Already in his time was established the feast of the wise men, where it was tradition to buy gifts and their trade could not withstand the competition of those dates so he decided to do something about it. He created a character who brought gifts two weeks earlier than kings, so he would sell more and in the end he would annihilate the competition by going ahead.

San-Nicolas-de-BariHe used windows and fireplaces to sneak into houses without permission, leaving gifts that no one had asked for and adding a note with invoice. Such was the happiness of the little ones that all parents gave in to blackmail.

Then the letters of Santa Claus were created, but only afterwards, after meetings in the old communities of neighbors where they shuffled if they were hung from a tree (hence the Christmas tree is born) or left. In the end, the letter was chosen, so that at least it would bring something desired and requested.

With the boom of the business he hired more employees , that every day they would disguise themselves and do the same thing as him, so that everyone would believe that he was one person. All of this: the day of Jesus’ birth, coupled with the apparent magic of omnipresence and apparent gifts, created the myth that has come down to the present day.

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