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Taxi driver vs Uber driver

Yesterday night, close to Atocha station in Madrid, Nando Carrascal, a 47 year-old Madrid taxi driver, embroiled with Luis Gongora, 38, an unemployed, who survives as Uber driver.

According to the information we have been able to rescue, Nando was annoyed when Luis lifted an elderly passenger, Matilde Machado, 67, who was returning from a long trip, saying it was his grandmother. Carrascal, do not believe a word and began insults.

The confusion was in crescendo and reality, as has been found later, it is that really the woman is the maternal grandmother of Gongora. Still, Luis charged racing.

Family fight and outcome of chance.

The tension was increasing and Nando, amid the bustle, asked the lady to be his grandson temporarily. Matilde and there really hesitantly agreed the dispute arose.

Uber driver demanded loudly for Nando to show her family leave, but Carrascal not carried and began blows.

The fight did not reach higher and have known, after further investigation, that Nando Carrascal is also grandson of Mrs. Machado. Born the fruit of a secret relationship he had his daughter with the painter Carlos De la Olla, but did not know.

Now both take turns to attend Matilde are traveling and weekends to play mus. In the end, all was family.

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