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Swedish scientists demonstrate reincarnation

Swedish scientists at the Stockholm University of Neuroscience have demonstrated what lies behind reincarnation, in which many religions have believed and thousands of testimonies have been verified over thousands of years.

The research started in 2002 has borne fruit and the team led by Johan Johansson has just scientifically demonstrated that the explanation of reincarnation has nothing to do with paranormal phenomena or magic issues.

Genetic Memory

The blue area of the brain represents the irregular wave unconscious or Non Volatile Synaptic Inconscient, where the memories of our family tree are found. Source: Stockholm University of Neuroscience.

It is well-known since decades that DNA contains information not only from the body itself but from the species. In the same way, the one known by genetic memory, specifically referred to the cerebral memory, postulated that information existed not only of the individual, but also of all his genealogical tree in a small delocalized zone of Psychoinconscious Irregular Wave Cortex.

Johansson’s team has used dozens of volunteer families over the years and has shown that the memories of parents present in the semiconscious area called Memory BackConscience were also in the unconscious area of ​​the children, in particular In a delocalized zone known as Non Volatile Synaptic Inconscient .

Reincarnation and much more

This unprecedented discovery would explain why some people believe they are famous characters of antiquity. Swedish scientists believe that they are descendants of them or at least that their descendants had relation with these personages. It would also explain the fact that some people under a certain state of consciousness have been able to speak unknown ancient languages ​​to them or to detail situations prior to their date of birth.


Certain Buddhist currents hold the belief in reincarnation from another point of view.

The Johansson team, which will pick up Nobel in 2017, has already contacted Google and is developing a re-story system. At the moment it will be based only on the transcription of patterns from memory to text, but in the future they want to integrate it with an intelligent system of aggregation and recognition of patterns of images to rewrite history of the human species. To do this, in the coming years they will use millions of people from all over the world, carefully chosen, to collaborate in the feeding of data of the system, whose name, like everything related to this discovery, is still wrapped in a halo of mistery.

We will continue to inform you of the progress that will be made and of the state of development of this new system, which will undoubtedly bring new hope to mankind by seeking to know more about itself.

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