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A Galaxy smartphone commits suicide in Niagara Falls

It happened yesterday on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. A Galaxy S4 smartphone committed suicide by throwing itself into the Niagara River, 100 meters upstream from the waterfall, falling a few seconds later, without remission, towards death.

No one saw him jump and hard to distinguish him in the video that took a Japanese tourist but his carcass was found on the shore, a kilometer downstream and his battery was entangled in a tree a few meters from the falls. His body has not yet been located, but has already been officially declared dead.

Naked police captain Peter Fall declared at the press conference: Roy Tune , an Android Galaxy S4 mobile , today jumped to the Falls. Roy was very young, he was only 3 years old and we will regret his loss. We have already contacted his relatives and as soon as we find his body, we will send him to Seoul, his hometown . “

The motives of suicide.

According to a close friend of the family, the smartwatch Jack Time: “ Roy had been suffering from depression almost since he was born. The continuous stress he suffered due to multitasking, having to be posting, accessing websites and in general launching Hundreds of apps at a time, wiped out their mental health, and the constant updates of their Android version and constant reboots did not help either.

“He did not like to be fondled all the time, he felt dirty, raped, and he was constantly getting a cable through his ass, especially around midnight, when it vibrated, “Text-decoration: underline;”> anguish . It was not for a receipt, ” finished Jack.

Móvil Roy Tune con 1 año

FotoRoy Tune, when one-year-old. Source: Family.

The words of his technological psychologist Michael Droid, whose consultation had been going for more than a year, were revealing:

I subscribe to the words of his friend Jack, and add that the final trigger was the comparison: Always had a fixation with the iPhones, who looked over his shoulder. Also in his own family they did not respect him either. His little brother, a Galaxy S5, laughed at him and his close friends, such as Will Future, a Nokia 216, did not listen to him long ago. He looked fat in front of them and less intelligent “

Michael Droid also points out that the constant blows and falls to the ground were another decisive factor, because of the physical damage he often endured, although he stresses the psychological factor, as The ingredient of greater weight.

RIP Roy Tune

His parents, a retired California retiree, currently residing in South Korea, Carl Away, a Alcatel One Touch mobile and Gregory Short, a Weather Fax, did not Have wanted to declare nothing about it and ask that their pain be respected. <<Roy Tune. 2013-2016. Your family and friends do not forget you .>>. 😢🌹😢

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