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III World War prophecy by Mother Shipton

Ursula Southeil (1488-1561), better known as Mother Shipton, was an English occultist and a famous writer of prophecies. As an illegitimate daughter, she was delivered for adoption by her mother at the age of two, and from a very early age began to manifest the psychic gifts of divination and prophecy.

Mother Shipton’s fulfilled prophecies

Mother Shipton astonished the world by foreseeing, five centuries in advance, the beginning of the women’s liberation and gender equality , with the consequent impact on the birth rate:

In those amazing and distant days, women will adopt the desire to dress like men, and they will wear pants and cut their hair and their hair. They will ride astride the bronze front, as witches do in our times, Love will cease and will no longer marry and people will decrease as births decrease.”

She also prophesied the arrival of television and submarines at the same time as the World War II would erupt:

When the paintings appear to be alive and freely movable, when the boats like fish swim under the sea, when men like birds cross the heavens, then half of the world bathed in blood will perish.

It also presumably foreshadowed the arrival of cars and the Internet or at least distance communication, and its consequences:

“The carriages will walk without horses and accidents will fill the world with pain. Thoughts will fly around the earth in the blink of an eye. How strange and yet, they will come true. “

The prophecy of the Third World War

But of the prophecies that remain to be fulfilled, undoubtedly the most disturbing of which she wrote are the texts that present a Third World War.

Already she could guess the Arab spring or at least the subsequent Middle East wars when he wrote:

Oh, alas, the war will come from where the Turkish and the heathen live, who in fierce quarrel will bury themselves seeking to annihilate their lives.

In the following text some see the division of America or the inequality of poor and rich (north and south) and the subsequent problems, with the United States Eagle as protagonist:

“When the north divides to the south and in the lion’s jaws the eagle anid, then the tax, the blood and the war will come to every humble home”

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In that situation, it glimpses the China and Russia alliance . The war will not be definitive, but it will leave many dead, as it happened in the Second World War:

“Yellow men will gain the great power of the mighty bear, whom they will help. These tyrants will not succeed in dividing the world into two, more of these acts will be a great danger. And an intermittent fever will leave many dead . ”

Finally, the latest prediction, the most disturbing, seems to speak of the current situation of protectionism and the beginning of the rise of nationalisms. It is apparently continuing with the decline in oil reserves and the prediction of a final nuclear war .

“The kingdoms will become jealous and fearful and the trap will turn against them when the prized black worm leaves a little to live. Few will remain in the final sun “.

Among the experts there is discussion around the subject of the black worm and the final sun, although most seem to agree on the interpretation presented here. Others point to the worm as Daesh, with its black emblem, and the final sun, not as the glare of nuclear bombs, but simply that few living beings will remain at the end.

Also, it is possible to emphasize the term trap, that in the original manuscript appears like tramp . It is known that trap in English is written and written in the sixteenth century as trap. Some of the experts claim that it is simply an error committed by Shipton and that she wanted to write trap. Others, on the other hand, claim that she wrote them with all intention and intuition and that it´s the phonetic transcription of Trump .

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