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Podemos proposes to create a four-year labor contract

Pablo Iglesias has proposed today in the Labor Democratic Committee in the Zarzuela to create a single four-year labor contract. The general secretary of Podemos thinks that democracy can not continue without this new type of contract.

The idea is that companies when signing a new employee sign unconditionally a four-year contract term with possibility of more.

Pablo Iglesias

FotoPablo Iglesias exposing the four-year contract today in the Zarzuela. Source: Borbon Press.

During that time, the employee must abide by his norms and continue to be accountable to himself / herself on an ongoing basis.

Likewise, workers will be able to choose their salary and work in other companies at the same time if they wish to do so.

Nor will they need to go to work every day and when they decide to go, travel expenses, as well as food and costumes will be borne by the company.

The only condition of the company will be that the last two months before the end of the contract, the employee must demonstrate how well he has done it, or at least say it right.

Reactions by the government

The current government of the PP, of the voice of Maria Dolores de Cospedal has answered that it seems inadmissible and meaningless the single proposal of this type of contract.

Cospedal argues that the democratic business system would run the risk of disintegrating in the face of such an unfair contract as the essence of corporate democracy is self-regulation through the democratic system Based on essentially democratic bases within the underlying corporate framework.

Mariano Rajoy has subscribed to the words of his companion and added that the Constitution was made to be fulfilled. He also took advantage of the announcement of his proposal for a retroactive contract, which will be further elaborated this week and where the employee will work actively, charging at the end of the century with retroactive effect.

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