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MobileHouse. The house of the future

The Texas company MobileHouse is revolutionizing the concept of home. Static houses are things of the past and the old idea of the house with good foundations has changed forever in the digital age.

MobileHouse is a new real estate that offers a service to move your house wherever you want by an eighth generation crane. Thanks to this company, you can make your dreams come true and forget the obsolete roots.

It has flat rates, to move you for life or daily, if you only need to make a sporadic movement. The crane drives you from the smartphone, with innumerable options such as GPS-guided autopilot, racing mode for street rallies of houses or tornado mode, also called Wizard of Oz, for the most daring.

Now you can live anywhere in the world and if you get tired of a place, you just have to give a button on your smartphone and end the boredom.

MobileHouse. The mobile house

FotoMobileHouse, the house of the future. Source: MobileHouse.

Endless possibilities

The possibilities are endless and numerous companies and individuals are already hiring the services of this innovative company.

This is the case with Sundays. This is a goodbye to caravans , you no longer need to rent them … Call MobileHouse and the caravan will be your own home. Do you want to go around the world? Here is the answer.

Removals? No, no way… Move your house to the place where you want to live or if you have already tired of the house itself, move next to the new house and move there yourself a few meters, without the need for inconvenient movements , Or annoying your friends on Sunday mornings.

Partner issues ? You do not have to leave home if you have these kinds of difficulties. Go away, but you take the house with you …

It’s also a good choice if you want to speculate. Buy a house in a cheap area and then move to a VIP area. Automatically your house is upgraded by 300% !!

What are you waiting for?, move on now with MobileHouse! Go ahead!

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