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Mexican Exterminator Angel, revealed

Monday, six in the morning, October 31. An Exterminator Angel disguised as a passenger on a bus, killed four assailants who had gone up to ransack the whole passage.

From the anonymity of the rear seats, he waited to finish the job and endorsed them a bullet each. Moments later, he returned the stolen attendees, asked him not to betray and got lost in the mexican night.

Guillermo del Toro

FotoMexican Exterminator Angel. Source: Anonymous passenger.

This Robin Hood, more typical of other eras, is being pursued by the Mexican authorities, but so far, they have no clues of his identity.

However, at noon today, the largest newspaper in Mexico, The Universal , gave the scoop that one of the passengers had photographed the man in the pre-shooting time and was willing to sell the shot to the highest bidder.

Before the publication of the photo, many readers have noted the similarity of the individual with the film director Guillermo del toro, who is currently shooting the film Justice Mexican in Ciudad Juarez.

What is known so far.

Conflicting reports speak out of different explanations to this case and the recent photograph, without being clear whether this really is the famous director.

The Mexican police and authorities ensure that the author must be a military, police or the like, given the coldness and professionalism with which the killing was executed, although they do not rule out any hypothesis.

Ramon Langa , an expert in digital marketing and promotion of Mexican films talks about advertising film taken to the extreme and says he knows well to Guillermo del Toro and his realistic zeal, believing him thus capable of the feat.

John Manrique, a Juarez Cartel member has assured the police that they have nothing to do with it and do not know who may have been.

The Spanish writer Perez Reverte, an expert on drug trafficking and violence in Mexico, given their long periods living among the most violent fauna of the country, commented on Twitter that was about time someone hit the bull by the horns. He believes Del Toro version, considering him the man who needs this new digital era.

Guillermo del Toro, meanwhile, has refused to comment. He will finish his film, and only then, grant an interview.


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