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Meme Julio Iglesias turns against him

Julio Iglesias was admitted yesterday, of a mild character, in the Miami Hospital of the Stars . The prognosis: paranoia and harassment .

He says that his meme has started calling him, he appears in Whatsapp at dawn, is attached in all emails and in short, does not leave him alone.

Julio Iglesias

FotoJulio Iglesias Meme, insists. Source: Whatsapp.

Julio stated that he was trying to take the job. In the last email, for example, it seems that he was saying: “ I am more famous and better than you, retire already, let step!

Julio, apparently, can not with his arrogance and despotism and has recognized among his most intimate friends, that he can not be at his height.

In any case, the singer has already asked for advice from his lawyer and they are going to file a lawsuit for harassment and impersonation.

International response and popularity of meme.

The meme, for the moment, does not leave the donkey and continues to say the same thing in social networks, emails and viruses: “ I am better than you, Julio !! and you know … “

We have also known that the Julio clone wants to register the name Julio Iglesias Jr Jr . Likewise, he already screams for a star, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Likewise, in this escalation of popularity, it seems that it already has important signed bowling and millionaire interviews. There are already talk of contracts in the program of Jorge Javier Vázquez, Sálvame Deluxe and in Save me, George by Javier Basket, in the cultural television of Florida.

We will keep you informed of all this, and you know …

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