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There are 10 types of people, those who know binary and those who do not, but it is not necessary to know binary to get caught in our web, web 666.0 . Once here not only do not want to leave … you can not.

Our motto is More human than human , our slogan, ultimately, our logo, a mobile fire (ie iPhone), our point of view, another, our reason for being, the black, our community, the world, our country, the bull.

The Witch Breakdown is the Muse, Nexus 6, our model, Unabomber , an inspiration and Reverte our nemesis. Our goal: Destroy the digital age .

The digital revolution has not brought anything good. We have become lazier, more and more deaths by electrocution people and the more technology progresses we become older

Internet has given us the information, knowledge, billions of data, news and gossip, but do not really know where to find reliable, something selfless, distinguish reality and fiction, well, at digitalpessimism.com not find it.

If you seek consistency you will not fall here, if you añoráis seriousness iros to Mars, if what you pursue is to escape the compraos boredom one tamagochi, if you dream with digital disasters give us a few years, if you will mediocrity id parliament, if you want to laugh id parliament, if you will mourn id parliament, if you seek high-tech look at the flowers, if joy, go to the psychologist.

If you we seek us, come here …

We hope disappoint you.