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Itunes karaoke causes first victim

Itunes karaoke channel has already claimed its first victim. It just happened yesterday in New Jumper, a small, quiet village of New Jersey.

Michael Doll, a young carpenter village has no partner or children, but enjoyed the company of his ‘chuchiñeco 2.0’, Matthias, a stuffed latest generation of the company Marimba.


He related it was quiet and simply read all day and talk philosophy with him for long hours, but since subscribing to channel karaoke Itunes, everything changed.

He abandoned his good habits and began to sing the songs of Justin Bieber and Rihanna, at all hours.

He is singing like crazy, too early in the morning, and kept sleeping neighbors. Says its owner, which forced him to record their performances, to make the choruses and clapping: “It had become a divo, had gone to his head, and was not the same“.

Wannabe Rock & Roll Star

Not a few problems occurred. But the worst happened when he switched to rock: “He was upset, not sleeping well and he looked much more aggressive and had never seen.“, stated Michael.

Yesterday, Matias woke up earlier than normal and ordered Miguel, threatening, and as usual, to get up out of bed and record it. Shortly after the start of the song, Matthias suffered a collapse and died hours later in the Sanitarium New Jumper Dolls, cardiorespiratory arrest and subsequent multiple organ failure.

Apple, for now, has refused to make any statement on the matter.

Its owner, very affected, do not want to comment further, but wanted us to stop recording the sad moment of this terrible event. R.I.P.

If after seeing this, you still want to use Itunes, it’s up to you…

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