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Google will create The Day of the Last

The American company Google, assured today on the voice of its spokesman Peter Searchie that will create The Day of the Last .

Searchie explained this morning on Google TV, which have modified their Penguin algorithm so that the day December 31 , when searching with any Text, the results obtained are output in reverse order, ie the last result will now come the first and the first, the last. In the same way, the penultimate will appear the second, the penultimate, third and so on ….

Test Google Day of the Last with "high-end TVs"

Test Google Day of the Last with “high-end TVs”

They hope, in the words of Google co-founder Larry Page: “ renew the web and push it, breathe new air, so they do not always appear the same and de-leverage the network, clean the cobwebs, dynamize it” .

In addition, he added that “Jesus said that the last will be the first … why would not we do it?”.

Chaos and turmoil in digital departments

Before the news, marketing teams and SEO companies have been revolutionized. By not being able in most cases to opt to appear in the first few results of certain keywords, they believe that now they can opt to fight for the latter.

Many companies have already eliminated directly the marketing and positioning departments and have created SEP groups or Search Engine Pessimization, to compete on the last day of the year and thus power balance the annual accounts.

Some of the strategies used are being remove the keywords and metadescripciones, put urls of 10000 characters, make copy-paste of pages of the last positions, flash meter with Insults and images of terrorists or directly add blank pages.

Many corporations know that time is running against them and that millions of small businesses and individuals take a big advantage of it, but they hope to work hard this month to be the first, I mean, the last.

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