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Darth Vader died of pneumonia

33 years after Darth Vader’s death in the arms of his son Luke, in the Star of Death , an American coroner unveils truth: Darth Vader died of pneumonia.

During these last decades, since that fateful May 25, 1983, it was thought that Darth, after killing the evil Emperor, had died somewhat inexplicably , apparently by a combination of damage suffered in Fight with Luke and the entropic collapse of the dark energy after the Emperor died, its maximum exponent.

Darth Vader

FotoDarth Vader when young, attacking the rebel ship in Star Wars. Source: R2D2.

But the coroner Bobby Fisher, University of New York , after visualizing the video of the death and analyzing the ashes that remained of Darth after cremarlo Luke in a common bonfire of The outskirts, has determined that the causes of the death have nothing to do with this.

Bobby says: “ From the beginning it seemed suspicious to me because I did not see enough wounds in the video compatible with death, so I immediately suspected of a latent illness .”

Recall also the last phrase of Vader: “ For me it is too late Luke”. “I think he was certainly aware of the state of development of the disease that was pressing him,” explained Fisher.

Thus, the coroner concludes that death had nothing to do with strange esoteric forces , it was something much more common: typical pneumonia.

Discrepancies in Fisher’s diagnosis.

However, many contemporaries of the second Empire are not satisfied with the explanation. In particular, former co-workers say that Vader had a dark side .

Nicky Iron , a former First Class officer in area 5 of the Death Star, commented: Darth went down a lot to supervise the workers who built the Star, too … Precisely, to the area where they then attacked us so easily to destroy it. “They were simply too distracted and did not put a lid on the main reactor.

Darth Vader

FotoDarth Vader final agony before dying, lying to Luke to not confess his illness. Source: Death Star security camera.

Iron’s insinuations radically change the focus and focus on HIV that raged so much in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Another member of the team, Black Norton Laser Weapon Solder explained: Darth Vader was a millionaire and had all sorts of resources, so it does not make sense to have An immune system so deteriorated as to be able to be attacked by a pneumonia, even its constant consumption of hard drugs does not justify that state.In the final scene you can see the typical stains and scars of the disease.That’s why I wore a helmet …. ”

The coroner Bobby Fisher thinks that this possibility has no basis and ratifies: Pneumonia was the disease that killed him and then death was due to multiorgan failure . ”

The reality is that AIDS is the disease of love , something that would very badly leave the image of the evil Vader. The truth is that we will never truly know the truth in a certain way. In any case, DEP once again Darth Vader. May the force be with you .

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