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  • Vigo Vega

    Vigo Vega

    Santiago de Cuba, 1977. Degree in History and Engineering of the Sea. He is the grandson of Camilo Cienfuegos, one of the leaders of the Cuban revolution. Extremely optimistic until he lost his parents on 9/11, in a car accident in Bilbao, he now moves from pole to pole. She loves theater, puppets and English cooking programs.
  • James Joyce

    James Joyce

    Qué importa nuestra cobardía si hay en la tierra un solo hombre valiente, qué importa la tristeza si hubo en el tiempo alguien que se dijo feliz, qué importa mi perdida generación, ese vago espejo, si tus libros la justifican.
  • Pity Pit

    Pity Pit

    Madrid, 1995. Just graduated in Computers FP2, is cheerful and optional. He wants to be optimistic and willing. Their idols are Koke Mandrágora and Cristiano Ronaldo. His hobbies are the homemade bottle, buy gadgets from Apple, get selfies on the subway and talk to his grandmother by WhatsApp.
  • Koke Mandragora

    Koke Mandragora

    Born in 1967 in Alcafrán, La Mancha, is a wise and a wise man. A graduate in space, time and journalism, he worked at NASA and Apple in the 1980s and developed core projects such as the Space Shields defense satellite and the Apple X computer. On the back of everything and chronic pessimistic, Play and bet online. He is home to the Diógenes and president of Known Alcoholics.
  • Miquel Angelo

    Miquel Angelo

    Quizás porque mi niñez sigue jugando en tu playa y escondido tras las cañas duerme mi primer amor, llevo tu luz y tu olor por dondequiera que vaya, y amontonado en tu arena guardo amor, juegos y penas.

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