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AIDS birthday. HIV: Clever than men

When your lymphocytes can no longer defend you, pneumonia will appear in your epitaph as a euphemism. That if you have the luck to live in a western country with social security or you have private insurance …


HIV virus engaging CD4 + T lymphocytes

In 1984, HIV was isolated. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Luc Montanier fought with Robert Gallo for the discovery and finally the first two received the Nobel Prize in 2008.

But the three scientists, both in the 1980s, after discovering the virus, and in 2008, after the Nobel Prize, talked about the creation of a vaccine in the short term, one more proof that the nobels also say nonsense, Whether by stupidity, euphoria or interest.

Indeed, they underestimated the virus, or worse. More than 30 years later and in the digital era, HIV remains unaffordable. Its incredible mutation speed, unique among all known viruses, makes it impossible to create the pattern that hunts it. When it is attacked with drugs, it hides in the organism and reappears to reproduce when they cease to be administered.

These drugs are the antiretrovirals , which emerged in the mid-1990s and are the latest breakthrough in the fight against AIDS. A fly-to-gun shot, similar to chemo with cancer, but with milder side effects and at least managed to convert a deadly disease with a 10-year average life expectancy in a chronic disease.

No vaccine expected

Every year a pharmacist, a laboratory or a healer says he already has the answer. Whether as a preventive or therapeutic vaccine, substitute or placebo, the reality is that after hundreds of vaccine attempts over the last decades, HIV is more present than ever because of the stabilization of the transmission rate and the increase in life expectancy.


HIV / AIDS kills directly or indirectly 2 million people a year, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa.

There are no conspiracies. HIV did not conspire when SIV was transmitted from monkey to man in the middle of the last century and neither do the pharmacies.

If a laboratory discovered the cure, I could put a blank check. It is simpler to be conservative and sell the monthly doses of Atripla at 1000 $.

The vaccine will arrive but it will not be in the short or medium term since since the great idea arises, it will be a set of ideas really, until the vaccine is available, spend at least 3 years, for the complex and necessary cycle that has to pass … and that idea is neither, nor is expected.

In the meantime, millions of people in underdeveloped countries will continue to die. And when it arrives … the same.

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